If I only saw circles
in empty white space,
I could either do nothing
or erase the shapes.

I'd be stuck illustrating
one of two choices,
neither with color, stories,
creatures or voices.

But I will not set aside
my colors, pencils or pens!
Instead, I'll create my world
with this circular lens.

I don't see circles
on a blank paper page.
That's me leaving San Fran,
for a Montana mountain range!

Goodbye to hours
before computer screens.
Replaced by prairie plants,
cows and dirty jeans.

A new kind of ranch
that considers the whole.
Soil, water, bugs and bulls -
do you know their roles?

Like the buffalo that roamed,
every day we move
to newer pastures and fresh carbon
to be churned by hooves.

Nature is our teacher,
and with her we work.
We offer grass for our climate,
and a light in the murk.

Farms and ranches
around the world,
run by once-children convinced
nature and people are furled.

Take hold of your mind,
and listen to what's within.
See not circles,
but your own
dreams, stories and whims.

by Nolan O'Brien