Only Circles?

a children's book by Nolan O'Brien

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People see circles

in empty white space.

Three small shapes

floating in place.

One big circle

and two that are stumpy.

Two smooth circles,

and a biggie that's lumpy.

But what you can't see

is what we can be.

Within each circle

is a possibility.

We are tiny clenched hands

for a smiling face,

who loves winter sweaters

and a color-filled pencil case.

We are Grandma's grey hair

and the tops of ski poles,

keeping Grandma's head warm

and her feet out of snow holes.

Blue astronauts who voyage

from Earth's atmosphere,

to meet pink alien creatures

seeking peace for light-years.

A shy metal robot

who wants to play ball,

welcomed by players

despite being so tall.

Fast disco dancers

with wild orange hair

fance in rainbow lights

on bright-colored squares.

A blind-folded juggler

holds a plate of red balls

and stands on one leg,

unafraid of high falls.

Grey-blue engravings

on arrow-pierced shields,

carried by knights who

surrender in green fields.

Pink-jacketed divers

in a pink submarine,

find underwater cities

with their bright golden beams.

The rising full moon

lights the spinning blue sky,

while friendly sea serpents

stop to say hi.

A pastured cow milks

into buckets without leaks.

Meanwhile, nocturnal hens

play hide-and-go-seek.

A desert rock mountain

for singing elephant herds,

spied by a pilot

who hears every word.

An old wooden banjo

plays little blue bubbles,

that morph into musical notes

without trouble.

Tourists who wait

in the long bathroom line

are shocked by the man

ignoring the sign.

The hot air ballooner,

in hopes of rain showers,

files over the desert,

sowing beautiful flowers.

Purple umbrellas with

crescent-shaped tops

lower the floaters

so they won't drop.

People watch turtles

and fish while they visit.

But the snake decides

it's a human exhibit.

Now you know better.

Grab some colors

and draw your own

cable-knit sweater.